Certificate in Biblical Studies

Our Certificate in Biblical Studies is a one-year program that consists of 18 classes. This program is for people who want to expand their understanding of the Bible and teach others in the local church.

Associates in Biblical Studies

The Biblical Studies Associate is a two-year degree program that consists of 36 classes. The Associates Degree program, will provide students with a great theological foundation for service in various ministry endeavors and prepare students for leadership within the church.

Bachelor of Biblical Studies

The Bachelor of Biblical Studies Program is a four-year undergraduate program that consists of 72 classes. This program offers a comprehensive curriculum of various aspects of the Bible. Students will study the Old Testament, New Testament, Biblical Doctrines, the Gospels, History of the Bible, The Character of God, and so much more.

Masters of Biblical and Pastoral Studies

The Masters of Biblical and Pastors Study is a two-year program and is designed for Pastors and Leaders in the church. The student pursuing a Master of Biblical and Pastoral Studies Degree, will have successfully obtained a four-year Bachelor Degree. Students in this program will deepen their studies of Biblical truths and explore various facets of spiritual leadership.